Here are the players who make Abbey Consultants tick.

We come from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of skills and experiences. Most importantly though, we all share a passion for what we do.

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  • Dave Williams
      Dave WilliamsAir Tester
    • Anup Bhatt
        Anup BhattAir Tester
      • Dave McGilchrist
          Dave McGilchristSenior Air Tester
        • Sharon de Freyne-Martin
            Sharon de Freyne-MartinAir Test and EPC Manager
          • Amanda Reed
              Amanda ReedAccounts Manager
            • Mike Hassett
                Mike HassettSAP Assessor
              • Andrew Webb
                  Andrew WebbSustainability Consultant
                • Theo Fitzpatrick
                    Theo FitzpatrickSAP Assessor
                  • Alec Green
                      Alec GreenSenior Sustainability Consultant
                    • Matt Fitzpatrick
                        Matt FitzpatrickDirector