Meeting sustainability targets is critical to controlling costs: here’s how we can help

Ironically, the Code for Sustainable Homes regulation (CSH) is not being sustained in England and no longer applies in Scotland or Wales. The criteria is still in place for legacy sites, however, so be sure to check if this applies to your project. New sites may require the Home Quality Mark (HQM), a voluntary scheme to help evaluate a project’s sustainability levels.

Our role is to identify your project’s requirements and guide you through the regulations as cost effectively as possible. From advice on applications and approvals through to managing and facilitating the process through to completion, our team are here to ensure that your targets are met within budget.

There are two stages to an assessment

  • Design Stage Assessment
  • Post Construction Assessment

By seeking early advice our assessor will produce a pre-assessment. This strategy will highlight to the design team the credits to be sought to ensure the correct level is achieved. It will identify easy win credits and will detail consultant responsibilities.

Once a strategy has been agreed our assessor will guide the design team through the process and collate the necessary information to submit for certification the Design Stage Report.

Upon build completion our Assessor will visit the site to review build and, provided the strategy has been met, submit a post completion report to the BRE for completion certificates.

Get in touch or send an email with an outline of your CSH enquiry and one of the team will respond within 24 hours.

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