To manage a cost-efficient development ‘with sustainability’ you need a clear plan.

Similar to the Energy Statement, required for many UK developments, a Sustainability Statement may also be required by some local authorities. Primarily concerned with the efficiency of the buildings and the development’s impact on the surrounding environment, getting a sustainability consultant on board as early as possible is key to keeping costs to a minimum.

To help you meet the local sustainability requirements the team at Abbey Consultants will liaise with the Local Authority to identify specific sustainability measures and requirements. Our team will then work closely with the other key design team consultants to deliver the most cost effective solution to meeting those targets and ensure that the sustainability statement is prepared to meet your deadlines.

A typical Sustainability Statement could include:
  • Controlling pollution and managing the local ecology
  • Flood risk, and general water consumption and energy efficiencies
  • The efficiency and sustainability of the fabrics and materials used
  • Recycling, waste management and general building processes employed
  • Specific requirements for BREEAM assessments and Code for Sustainable Homes

Get in touch or send an email with an outline of your enquiry and one of the team will respond with a quote for a sustainabilty statement within 24 hours.

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