Seeing the ‘bigger picture’ in detail helps to identify key areas of improvement.

Residential thermal imaging surveys are carried out to identify the causes of cold rooms, cold areas or whole houses. Our highly experienced and certified professional surveyors will conduct a survey both internally and externally to identify the issues throughout the property. We then detail our findings in a clear and practical to use report.

Residential thermal imaging surveys can be carried out to potentially identify the following defects:
  • Areas and causes of heat Loss
  • Assess areas where Insulation may be missing
  • Identify thermal bridging problems
  • Assess performance of windows & frames
  • Areas and causes of damp & water ingress

Our surveys are carried out using hand held thermal imaging equipment. There is no major disruption within your home or property while a thermal imaging survey is carried out.

Thermal Imaging Surveys are generally carried out early morning or later in the evening and the heating should be left on 24 hours prior to the survey. This is to ensure any solar loading are eliminated or minimised to ensure a that there is a temperature difference of at least 10°C between inside and outside areas.

The survey will also involve putting the building under negative pressure, this is done using a blower door fan system and this enables our surveyors to locate and identify locations of draughts.

60-70% of all issues within residential surveys can be accounted for by draught and air movements.

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