Experienced assessors and accurate measurement make SAP work for you.

SAP Calculation / SAP Assessment (Standard Assessment Procedure) are the UK Government’s methodology for measuring  energy efficiency and CO₂ emission rates for new residential dwellings.

PEA (Predicted Energy Assessment) is a certificate that predicts the energy and CO₂ use in a new dwelling. The document is produced in an easy recognisable format.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a certificate produced once the new dwelling has been completed. It shows how efficiently a home uses energy, the cost of running a home and recommendations of how to improve the energy efficiency of the property. For an EPC to be valid, it must be lodged by an accredited energy assessor on the Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register.

SAP calculations are carried out in two stages:
  • Design Stage
  • As Built Stage

A design stage SAP calculation along with a PEA are required to be submitted to Building Control to ensure compliance with approved document Part L1A and are required prior to work starting on site.

One of the key elements in controlling a development project’s build cost and compliance is reducing the energy requirement for space and water heating, ventilation and internal lighting.

This is done by ensuring the building fabric and the methods of heating and ventilating are as efficient as possible.

Once the dwelling is completed the results of the air test along with the as built build specification are entered back into the original design stage SAP assessment to produce an accurate EPC for the dwelling.

Our fully trained and certified SAP Assessors have the hands-on experience, gathered from decades of delivering these reports, to maximise any project’s compliance and savings. Always balancing the need to meet the specific regulations for your project against the essential cost efficiencies, our prime goal is to ensure your targets are realistically met.


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SAP Calculations, PEA's and the route to an EPC

  • Draft SAP

    The project has planning, prepare a draft set of SAP calculations to agree a construction specification

  • Working Drawings

    The architect prepares working drawings incorporating the SAP specification

  • SAP and PEA's

    The SAP calculations and PEA's are prepared based on the working drawings and issued to Building Control

  • Building Complete

    Once the building is complete, carry out an air test and give the results to the SAP Assessor

  • As Built SAP & EPC

    Using the results of the Air Test and the As Built specification prepare EPC for building control sign off

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