Meeting London’s standards means understanding London’s requirements.

Whereas most Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) across the UK set their own Energy Statement targets, in London, there is an overriding standard set by the GLA. Within this structure, each London Borough’s planning authority can set its individual emissions targets: for example, CO2 reduction targets across London can vary from 35% to as much as 50%.

To help you meet the local energy requirements the team at Abbey Consultants will liaise with the Local Authority to identify specific energy and carbon reduction requirements. Then work closely with the other key design team consultants to deliver the most cost effective solution to meeting the targets.

The statement will demonstrate how the proposed development will meet all the energy and emissions targets dictated by the UK’s Building Regulations and the standards set by each LPA. (This includes the London Plan statement)

Each London Plan Energy Statement will include:

  • Energy and CO2 Demand for the site
  • Energy and CO2 emission reductions targets
  • Energy Hierarchy targets
  • Proposed materials, heating, lighting and ventilation specifications
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Internal water consumption calculations showing how 105 litres per person per day are to be met
  • Sample SAP and SBEM calculations
  • Thermal modelling calculations to ensure risk of summer overheating has been assessed.

Get in touch or send an email if you would like to know more about Energy Statements and one of the team will respond within 24 hours.

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