We are incredibly excited to announce that Abbey Consultants is now an approved Veritherm testing company. A special congratulations to Theo – the first Abbey Consultants team member to complete the Veritherm Level 1 training.

At Abbey Consultants it’s important that we offer our clients innovative solutions to fulfil their energy and sustainability conditions. Navigating the ever-changing Building Regulations is no easy feat. We’re sure you know that as a nation we have a shared vision of achieving net-zero by 2050. The Future Homes Standard will set us on track to this goal by tightening energy performance standards.

However, an immediate challenge presents itself. Buildings are consistently failing to meet their thermal specifications. This is what’s known as the energy performance gap and it’s where Veritherm testing comes to the rescue.

The Veritherm technology rapidly assesses whether your building has achieved the thermal properties specified in its design. By booking a test with us, you will better understand your development’s real-world energy performance which will in turn help you to make more informed decisions. A Veritherm test will also help our clients to identify problems before handover and determine the effects of a major re-fit.

Veritherm describes itself as “an elegant mix of advanced mathematics, low-cost testing equipment and a highly scalable digital platform.”  Its technology is endorsed by the likes of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government and the BTCA Group who see this “high-tech yet simple solution as a potential game change.” To learn more about the technology visit Veritherm’s website here.

Measuring real-world energy performance is set to play vital role over the upcoming decade (and beyond) as everyone in the built environment strives for a greener future. If you want to stay ahead of the game, book your Veritherm test with us today.

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